Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pop Persuaders Project

This is an assignment meant to develop your skills of observation and replication. It is also meant to introduce and refine the primary techniques of working with ceramics. For this assignment you are to begin by wondering down the aisles of your favorite food emporium. Admire the graphic nature of the various products that vie for your attention and try to lure you to consume. What are the various tricks and techniques of design being used to capture the next unknowing victim of consumption? How does scale, color, line, texture, and volume inform the message of the product.

Next you are to watch the PBS Frontline program The Persuaders

Next return to the aisles and choose a particular common food product that best suits your fancy and desire. You will now carefully dissect the packaging and record all relevant dimensions. Scan the packaging and scale the design so that at least one of the products dimensions is now 12 inches long. From this point on you are charged to reproduce exactly the original product so that it will fit into a 12 inch cube of space. You are to construct a volumetric form that recreates the original product and you will then develop the exact graphic imagery.

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